Wednesday 5 November 2014

Best Windows Hosting Tutorial : How to use ASPEmail in Classic ASP Hosting ?

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Best Windows Hosting Tutorial : How to use ASPMail in Classic ASP Hosting ?BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - Today, I will show you How to use ASPEmail in Classic ASP Hosting. AspMail permits you to send mail using the quality SMTP protocol from any program that may use ActiveX/OLE elements. options include: SMTP (sending) Messages, Multiple File Attachments, File attachments support MIME and UUEncoding, US ASCII and ISO-8859-1 character sets, PGP, Subject line encoding for 8bit message subjects, Redundant SMTP servers (If the first SMTP server is down, the secondary server is used), Special Header Support (Standard X-Priority headers, MS Mail (including Exchange) priority headers, pressing header, ConfirmReading and ReturnReceipt Headers) and Multiple concurrent users (Tested with 15 concurrent connections).

Sending an Email with Classic ASP using ASPEmail

The following code sample demonstrates a simple email-sending form using ASPEmail component offered on Windows Hosting accounts.

' change to address of your domain
strHost = ""
If Request("Send") <> "" Then
Set Mail = Server.CreateObject("Persits.MailSender")
' enter valid SMTP host
Mail.Host = strHost
Mail.From = Request("From") ' From address
Mail.FromName = Request("FromName") ' optional
Mail.AddAddress Request("To")
' message subject
Mail.Subject = Request("Subject")
' message body
Mail.Body = Request("Body")
strErr = ""
bSuccess = False
On Error Resume Next ' catch errors
Mail.Send ' send message
If Err <> 0 Then ' error occurred
strErr = Err.Description
bSuccess = True
End If
End If

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<% If strErr <> "" Then %>
<h3>Error occurred: <% = strErr %>
<% End If %>
<% If bSuccess Then %>
Success! Message sent to <% = Request("To") %>.
<% End If %>
<form method="POST" action="Simple.asp">
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0">
<td>Host (change as necessary in script):</td>
<td><b><% = strHost %></b></td>
<td>From (enter sender's address):</td>
<td><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="From"></td>
<td>FromName (optional, enter sender's name):</td>
<td><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FromName"></td>
<td>To: (enter one recipient's address):</td>
<td><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="To"></td>
<td><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="Subject"></td>
<td><TextArea name=“Body"></TEXTAREA></td>
<td colspan=2><input type="SUBMIT" NAME="Send" value="Send Message">

How To Set Mail Priority in ASPEmail ?
There are a few of headers that may be changed to line message priority. The Priority property sets the message priority on a scale of one to five. A priority of one means that HIGH. A priority of three means that normal and a priority of five means that LOW. additionally to the present you'll also set the imperative property if the message status is imperative. The imperative property may be a true/false property.

How to Use the DateTime Property in ASPEmail
The part creates a Date/Time value for the message supported the calculated Greenwich Time time. The DateTime property was additional to permit users to line a custom date/time timezone. the subsequent code demonstrates a way to set the DateTime to North American nation Central local time. By slightly altering the values underlined you'll adjust this to figure for your timezone.

[set other Mailer properties]
Mailer.DateTime = WeekDayName(WeekDay(Date), true) & ", " & Day(Date) & " " & MonthName(Month(Date), true) & _
" " & Year(Date) & " " & FormatDateTime(Now, 4) & ":00 -0600 (CST)"

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