Tuesday 22 July 2014

Bets Windows Hosting | Is HostForLIFE.eu Cheap and Recommended for Hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe?

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Is HostForLIFE.eu Cheap and Recommended for Hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe? - Many people want to know whether HostForLIFE.eu is good for hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe, even though this company is one of the most reputed web hosts that have been trusted by millions of webmasters around the world. To make it clear, we have reviewed its shared hosting service from several aspects, including price, feature, SharePoint Foundation 2013 compatibility, reliability, performance and technical support.

We have been hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 sites on the company’s shared platform for about 6 months, and kept monitoring the sites closely. In addition, we have browsed numerous verified feedbacks online to learn how the customers think of the service they have got. Based on our personal hosting experience and customer reviews, we have made the ratings of this service as below.
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HostForLIFE.eu Hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe Plans & Price

Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe is the premiere web-based collaboration and productivity enhancement tool on the market today. With SharePoint 2013 Foundation, you can quickly access and manage documents and information anytime, anywhere though a Web browser in a secure and user friendly way. SharePoint hosting services start at only at €9.99/mo, allowing you to take advantage of the robust feature set for a small business price. HostForLIFE.eu offers a variety of hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 plans as well as dedicated SharePoint 2013Foundation options

Whether you work with people across the office or across continents, hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013 allows you and your team members to share schedules, compare notes and collaborate on virtually any type of file

In addition to the free domain name, this hosting provider guarantees 30 days prorated money back to enable their customers to ask for a prorated refund if cancelling within the first 30 days, which ensures customers can put their money in safe. Besides, this company accepts both credit cards and PayPal. Therefore, the purchase is convenient and secure.

Feature & SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting Compatibility

All the 4 shared solutions from this company are integrated with a large amount of outstanding features, including unlimited monthly data transfer, sufficient disk space and enough email storages. Learn the detailed feature information in the following table.

Is HostForLIFE.eu Cheap and Recommended for Hosting SharePoint Foundation 2013 in Europe?

HostForLIFE.eu SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting Performance

HostForLIFE.eu guarantees all of their customers 99.9% uptime to run SharePoint Foundation 2013 websites. This company uses multiple top-notch data centers, all of which are equipped with high performance servers, UPS and diesel generators. Meanwhile, engineers and technicians are monitoring the data centers and servers 24×7, so that they are to resolve any sudden issue to protect the hosted sites from unexpected interruptions.

In the period when we host our SharePoint Foundation 2013 websites on the company’s shared platform, we are always are able run our websites stably and secures. Furthermore, we have never met any serious downtime, which makes us satisfied with the service’s reliability. Additionally, according to our monitoring result, the uptime of HostForLIFE.eu is more than 99.9%

HostForLIFE.eu SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting Review on Technical Support

When coming across hosting issues, HostForLIFE.eu customers are able to contact the support team and get instant and effective assistance by email support HostForLIFE.eu and write down the details of the problems to get the right and professional answers to deal with their problems. What’s more, in the knowledgebase, technical staffs have worked out a pile of in-depth articles with a lot of information about hosting, designed to assist customers to deal with common issues independently.

Conclusion: HostForLIFE.eu is Recommended for SharePoint Foundation 2013 Hosting

In a nutshell, the affordable price, abundant features and good uptime, fast server response time and prompt technical support make HostForLIFE.eu a brilliant SharePoint Foundation 2013 web hosting provider.


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