Tuesday 22 July 2014

Windows Hosting | Cheap and Best Web API 2.2 Hosting Review - The Important Features on Web API 2.2

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Cheap and Best Web API 2.2 Hosting Review - The Important Features on Web API 2.2

BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - ASP.NET Web API 2.2 was released last week, and one of the key new features is the ability to extend and plug in your own custom logic into the attribute routing engine.

Commonly known as “attribute routing”, it’s actually officially called “direct routing”, because, as they are about to show here, it’s not necessary to use it with attributes at all, and you can plug in any route provider into it. The Web API 2.2 release is particularly noteworthy as it is the first Web API release with support for OData v4 with selected highly demanded features.
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Here is New features :

1. Protocol and format changes from V3 to V4.

2. OData attribute routing: This release allows you to define the routes in your controllers and actions using attributes.

3. Support for functions: This release allows you to define functions in your OData model and bind them to actions in your controller that implement them.

4. Model aliasing: This release allows to change the names of the types and properties in your OData model to be different than the ones in your CLR types.

5. Support for limiting allowed queries: This feature release the service to define limitations on the properties of the model that can be filtered, sorted, expanded or navigated across.

6. Support for ETags: This release allows to generate an @odata.etag annotation based on some properties of the entity that can be used in IfMatch and IfNoneMatch headers in following requests.

7. Support for Enums

8. Support for $format: Added support for $format, so clients are able to specify the desired format of the response in the URL.

The OData v4.0 protocol includes a lot of new features and many changes to existing ones that improve the protocol and the modeling capabilities for the services implementers, but at the same time, those changes make difficult to support multiple versions of the protocol in a single implementation.

For that reason, we have decided to create a new assembly to support the v4.0 version of the protocol while maintaining the current assembly for those people who want to implement services based on previous versions.

Here are the most important changes:

1. The package ID for the v4.0 is Microsoft.AspNet.OData.

2. The assembly name and the root namespace are now System.Web.OData instead of System.Web.Http.OData.

3. All the extension methods have been moved to System.Web.OData.Extensions.

4. We have removed all the extension methods that used to exist for HttpRequestMessage like GetODataPath or GetEdmModel and we have added a single extension method, ODataProperties that returns an object containing the common OData properties that were accessible by the old extension methods, like the IEdmModel of the service or the ODataPath of the request.

5. MapODataRoute has been changed to MapODataServiceRoute.

6. QueryableAttribute has been changed to EnableQueryAttribute.

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