Thursday 2 May 2024

Blog for Scheduler Job using with Quartz .NET

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This blog post explains how to use the package and the source project for a scheduler job. That is a really effective method to use scheduler jobs in a basic way. While there is plenty to learn and create with Quartz.Net, I will walk through the process of constructing and executing an application for the scheduling task in this blog post.

Step 1: Start a.NET Framework project
Start by launching the version 4.8 of the.NET Framework Console Application and starting a new project. The project name can then be entered.

Step 2. Install-Package
The second step is to install the console application’s required packages. Quartz is the name of the package, and the version number is 2.3.3.

Step 3. Create a Class for Call jobs
Create a class to receive Quartz request calls. In this class, call the IJob Interface and create a method, giving it an exact name like “Execute” (IJobExecutionContext context).

Step 4. Write Program in Program.cs
In the main class, write the Scheduler method for starting the scheduler service. In this method, add some cron job time, like adding some time to trigger the class.

Step 5. Output from this console application

This is the actual output of this program. Every two seconds trigger the class and get the response.

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