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How To Use Cross Join In MySQL?

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In this article, we learn how and when to use a cross-join. To understand this topic, you must first understand the concepts of joins; then you can readily relate cross join. In MySQL, the cross joins join procedure returns the Cartesian sum of two or more tables. Each row from the first table is combined with each row from the second table, and so on, to produce a new table containing every conceivable combination of rows from each table. We will discuss the MySQL cross-join syntax and how to use it to retrieve data from multiple tables. In order to better comprehend how cross-joins work, we will also examine a few examples involving various scenarios.

What is MySQL Cross Join?

Cross-join is one of the most essential joins used in MySQL to retrieve all records from the joined tables. It returns the cartesian product of the joined tables, which returns every possible row combination from two or more participating tables.

When is Cross join used?
Cross Join is analogous to the cross product in relational algebra; however, the cross product returns columns that are unnecessary, whereas cross joins only return columns or data that are required. When we require data from two or more tables, we use a cross-join. This is very simple to comprehend and employ. You presume that the database contains two tables,'m' and 'n', so the output is'm*n'.


Cross Join Example in MySQL In this example, cross join is applied between Table1 and Table2.



There is two tables, table1 and table2. In table2, Teacherid act as the primary key, and In table1, Teacherid act as a foreign key. So the query is.

SELECT * From Table1 CROSS JOIN Table2;



In this example, we use two Tables, table1 and table2 in table1, stored student records, and table2 stores teachers' records. So we want the student's and teachers' details. We write a query of the cross join those are written in above the example. After executing this query, the result comes is the combination of both tables.

How to use the Where Clause in Cross Join?

We also use the where clause in cross joins something according to need we use where clause. Syntax


Example- In this example, we use the previous table those we use above the article



SELECT * FROM Table1 CROSS JOIN Table2 WHERE Table1.StudentRollNo =3;


In this example, we use cross-join with  Where Clause, which means that when that query run and the condition matches, then it will show the result. In above the example, we wrote the condition in the where clause, So it matches the condition and then returns the result  


In this article, we learn lots of things, such that how to use a cross join and where we use a cross join,  also, look at where clause in cross join with an example. This is very easy to use and implement it. This is one of the important topics in MySQL. We use this cross-join lots of times during working in a database. The name of the table to join with is used together with the CROSS JOIN keyword. The article demonstrates how to execute a cross-join using SQL queries using two tables as examples. The result is a Cartesian product of the two tables that contains all conceivable combinations of rows. In conclusion, the article gives a concise explanation of how to aggregate rows from various tables in MySQL using cross-join.


Q. What is a cross-join in MySQL?

A. cross-join in MySQL returns the Cartesian product of two or more tables, which means it combines each row of one table with each row of another table, resulting in a new table with all possible combinations.

Q. When do we use a cross-join in MySQL?

A. We use a cross-join in MySQL when we want all records from the joined tables and when we need to obtain data that exists in two or more tables.

Q. What is the syntax of a cross-join in MySQL?

A. The syntax of a cross-join in MySQL is: SELECT * FROM TABLE_1 CROSS JOIN TABLE_2;

Q. Can we use the WHERE clause in a cross-join query in MySQL?

A. Yes, we can use the WHERE clause in a cross-join query in MySQL to filter the results based on specific conditions.

Q. 5 Is a cross-join the same as a Cartesian product in relational algebra?

A. Yes, a cross-join is similar to a Cartesian product in relational algebra, as it provides all possible combinations of rows from two or more tables.

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