Monday 31 July 2017 vs Suncoast Hosting - Looking for the Best ASP.NET Core 2.0 Hosting?

Leave a Comment and Suncoast Hosting come out here to show their strength on Windows hosting. In the past few months, we have collected hundreds of feedback from webmasters who are running their sites with or Suncoast Hosting, from which we get the conclusion that both companies are in a position to guarantee high-quality Windows hosting service. Since most readers only have a shallow understanding of the two companies, we make this comparison to tell more details. In this post, we would like to tell price, functionality, hosting speed, reliability and customer service of and Suncoast Hosting.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 Hosting in Australia Review on Pricing

Both of and Suncoast Hosting offer affordable plans. To be specific, Economy PLAN of charges $7.00/mo coming with 30-day money back guarantee. Besides, it accepts PayPal, VISA and other payment methods. Suncoast Hosting offers a packages start from $10.95 / month.
Suncoast Hosting Plan

Review on Features

The two plans have rich features to help you manage websites efficiently and effectively. To be exactly, with the latest ASP.NET framework and excellent ASP components offers you many tools to run sites smoothly. As for Starter PLAN it is one of its main strengths to offer you access to one-click installs for app like WordPress, Drupal and Zencart, etc. Moreover, it carries many latest server technologies covering the latest PHP and MySQL version.

Suncoast Hosting supporting latest ASP.NET technology meets almost all your online need. Incorporating all the web hosting standards like MS SQL, MySQL, and PHP, our Windows ASP.NET Web Hosting environments provide you with a powerful set of tools to manage your ASP.NET website. And because all of servers are located in a state of the art, Australian Data Center.

Hosting Performance

Having been offering ASP.NET Core 2.0 Hosting for many years, has received trust and popularity from thousands of webmasters. This company powers their US-based and Australia-based data centers with high performance network infrastructures and servers, redundant connections and handprint entry system. Therefore, can deliver fast network speed and more than 99.9% uptime. Also, Suncoast Hosting is a company who tries their best to realize 99.9% uptime. The data center of this web hosting covers 320,000 square feet and is equipped with high quality servers. The uptime of this company is good, but many of their customers have been complaining about the slow speed of servers. 

Technical Support

In terms of customer service, both and Suncoast Hosting guarantee to provide friendly and professional customer service via email. Obviously, the technical support is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The two companies own a team of experienced and professional technical staffs who can offer offhanded assistance no matter when you need. Besides, stores many useful resources on knowledgebase which can give you a hand if you want to know some basic skills and message about the way of building and managing your website. 

Summary- is The Right Choice for Hosting Your ASP.NET site in Australia

Obviously, both companies are worth going for their affordable price, high level of reliability, award-winning support service and unbeatable Microsoft technologies. However, since many webmasters focus on hosting speed, seems to be a more suitable option in this case.


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