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  • U4-9577 - Ability to store the xml content file in diff storage locations: Default, Environment Temp or ASP.NET temp location

Issues & Tasks

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  • U4-9545 - EntityRepository performs poorly for Media due to unnecessary outer joins
  • U4-9546 - Paging in the media section performs poorly because it double queries for ALL child media
  • U4-9547 - ContentTypeRepository.GetAllContentTypeAliases doesn't work, throws YSOD
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  • U4-9560 - 'System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject' does not contain a definition for 'Alias'
  • U4-9570 - Media list view doesn't show folders in the recycle bin
  • U4-9573 - PublicAccess not working - SQL LEFT JOIN unordered
  • U4-9586 - Remove async parameter from the filestream when saving content xml
  • U4-9587 - RebuildXmlStructures doesn't clear out stale data so there is unpublished or trashed items remaining in the xml table, xml data integrity check is misleading due to the media lookup