Monday 12 October 2015

5 Tips to Improve Your Moodle Site

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Moodle CMS allows educators, learners and administrators to make learning portals or eLearning websites. This platform may be a strong, integrated and secure system that makes it possible to make customized learning environments. this is often a simple|a straightforward} and easy to use interface that additionally consists of drag and drop facility for ensuring easy workability. It provides well-documented resources along side regular enhancements in usability. Not only does this platform makes teaching easier but learning is also simplified since most learners these days prefer eLearning websites to gain information. 

5 Tips to Improve Your Moodle Site

If you're somebody who needs to make an eLearning web site with Moodle CMS, then you'll go through the following five tips:

1. In order to form your Moodle eLearning web site extremely usable and functional, you must add interactive media to it. whereas Moodle doesn't use any multimedia, it's a good option to upload and embed videos, pictures and even audio pieces. therefore make sure you add enough of those to support the learning courses and programs on your web site.

2. Your eLearning web site should be extremely interactive in nature and all the learning modules that it consists of should also be engaging and interactive. Moodle CMS is a platform that allows you to make interactive text modules since it supports several choices like quizzes, wikis, lessons and SCORN packages. so another tip to make an eLearning web site with Moodle CMS is to make use of these. It also supports the feature of a collaborative glossary.

3. For an eLearning web site, content is king and Moodle CMS allows you to simply manage the content. it's going to not be a content management system primarily however offers many ways to export, import and manage the content to support learning. thus you want to create most of the options like working with files, repositories, portfolios, operating with media, filters, plagiarism prevention and licenses.

4. Once the site has been installed using Moodle CMS, it's your task as an administrator to manage the site on a regular basis. only constant management and change can result in a functional and useful website. Moodle offers many ways for you to manage your web site effectively and make sure it runs smoothly. Some options that you'll utilize for this purpose are authentication, managing accounts, enrollments, roles and permissions, security, performance, backup, web site look, language, location, server settings, site-wide reports, admin tools and developer tools etc.

5. To make an effective eLearning web site using Moodle, another factor that you need to do is to manage the courses often. A course page is made up of one central section and other sections known as blocks that are present on the sides. The teacher of the course shall have the control over the layout of the course page and can change and manage it any time. Some features which can be used for this purpose are courses, editing text, activities, resources, blocks, questions, course enrollment etc.

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