Thursday 27 August 2015

Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting in Australia

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Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting in Australia is selected by BestWindowsHostingASP.NET professional review team based on the price, server reliability, loading speed, features, customer support and guarantee. Based on its easy to use, many of peoples ask our team to give Umbraco hosting in Australia services. Because of that, we will announce you the Best, Cheap Umbraco hosting in Australia Recommendation. 
Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting in Australia

What is Umbraco Hosting?

Umbraco has been designed to make you as productive as possible. This means it's fast, beautiful and easy to use so you can focus on getting your message out to your peers, not how the technology works. Their built-in media library makes it a breeze to manage digital assets. Umbraco automatically scales your photos, lets you do cropping with a single click and makes your shots responsive too.

While being a CMS in the core, Umbraco can be integrated with any leading 3rd party tool. Whether you need a powerful online marketing tool, a superb ecommerce platform or a hub for your community, you're in great company. They've got more than 250.000 websites to prove it.

Being open source means that you can modify Umbraco source, but you won't need to. With open .NET and REST APIs there are no limits to what you can do - and still upgrade to the latest version seamlessly.

Choose The Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting in Australia

Your application runs smooth when you choose Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting in Australia. On a daily basis thousands of people search for Umbraco Hosting providers in Australia and ended up reading reviews which are misleading. Here our role comes, you can contact us anytime with your web hosting related queries and we’ll answer each of your queries as soon as possible. A best web hosting is one which can offer you quality web hosting services with 99.99% uptime, plenty of server space, high bandwidth and 24x7 customer support.

After reviewed 20+ Umbraco web hosting in Australia, we had come out with the best Umbraco web hosting providers designed for personal and small businesses based on the features, price, uptime, server response time and technical support. We registered, tested and wrote the reviews completely based on our usage experience. And Best Umbraco Hosting Australia. Awards below are granted to the web hosts who offer feature rich, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use Umbraco hosting solutions to help their customers run Umbraco websites smoothly.

Why is the Best and Cheap Umbraco Hosting Australia ?

One of the most important things when choosing a good Umbraco hosting is the feature and reliability. Led by a team with expert who are familiar on Umbraco technologies, offers an array of both basic and advanced Umbraco features in the package at the same time, such as:

At, customers can also experience fast and feature rich Umbraco hosting. The company invested a lot of money to ensure the best and fastest performance of the datacenters, servers, network and other facilities. Its datacenters are equipped with the top equipments like cooling system, fire detection, high speed Internet connection, and so on. That is why guarantees 99.9% uptime for Umbraco. And the engineers do regular maintenance and monitoring works to assure its Umbraco hosting are security and always up. offers four Umbraco hosting Australia packages, named as Beginner, Economy, Professional and Business start from $2.00/mo, $7.00/mo, $14.00/mo and $21.00/mo, normally. Website Page Loading Speed builds an excellent Umbraco hosting environment to deliver customers in Australia a fast page loading speed in the industry, which will run up to around 1.5s. With this fast speed, visitors will not waste much time in waiting for loading pages and have a better surfing the Internet experience. And there are several important factors to maintain the fast page loading speed of Umbraco websites all the time, like powerful datacenters, rock-solid equipment, advanced servers, world-class Umbraco engineers and more.

Performance guarantees to provide 99.9% uptime and fast hosting speed for all their customers to run sites stably and rapidly. To keep this promise, this company has equipped each of their state-of-the-art data center with quality servers, armed security and many cutting-edge technologies like UPS battery backup power and dual diesel generators.

Furthermore, the data center is equipped with cooling system and fire suppression including a pre-action dry pipe system. In addition, the data center, servers and network are under 24×7 monitoring carried out by a group of technicians. Therefore, any unexpected issue can be resolved immediately, ensuring customers can run sites with maximum reliability and performance. Review on Technical Support
When it comes to technical support, no matter when meeting any hosting issue, customers are able to contact the support team by starting email, helpdesk or writing a ticket. Support staffs are standing by 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so they are able to respond quickly and offer instant and effective assistance.

Conclusion provides one of the best Umbraco hosting in the industry for its affordable price, rich feature, professional customer support, and high reliability. It’s highly recommended for developers, business owners and anyone who plan to build a web site based on Umbraco. To know more about or its Umbraco hosting, please visit, and get an Umbraco website started at only $7.00 per month.


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