Wednesday 17 June 2015

Select the Best & Cheap SQL Server 2016 Hosting

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BestWindowsHostingASP.NET – After reviewed 20+ SQL Server 2016 hosting, we had come out with the best MS SQL 2016 hosting, Microsoft control libraries, databases, Microsoft technical support, and web hosting price. To choose the best SQL Server 2016 hosting for your websites, we recommend you going with the best & cheap SQL Server 2016 Hosting.

Select the Best & Cheap SQL Server 2016 Hosting

SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission-critical capabilities with in-memory performance and operational analytics built-in. Comprehensive security features like new Always Encrypted technology help protect your data at rest and in motion, and a world-class high availability and disaster recovery solution adds new enhancements to AlwaysOn technology.

Organizations will gain deeper insights into all of their data with new capabilities that go beyond business intelligence to perform advanced analytics directly within their database and present rich visualizations for business insights on any device.

You can also gain the benefits of hyper-scale cloud with new hybrid scenarios enabled by new Stretch Database technology that lets you dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure in a secured way so your data is always at hand for queries, no matter the size. In addition, SQL Server 2016 delivers a complete database platform for hybrid cloud, enabling you to easily build, deploy and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud.

Our Best & Cheap SQL Server 2016 Hosting Award goes to, a leading web hosts who is well-known for offering high quality Windows hosting from shared hosting

Who is ?
Founded in United Kingdom, and with years’ expansion, has grown into one of top 10 SQL Server 2016 hosting providers for offers reliable and affordable web hosting services on Windows platforms. a worldwide provider of hosting support the latest release of Microsoft's widely-used SQL relational database management system SQL Server 2016. You can take advantage of the powerful SQL Server 2016 technology in all Windows Shared Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting and Windows Cloud Hosting Packages!

Is It’s Price Affordable ? Budget Friendly Price – The service includes 3 packages called as HostForLIFE Basic, Budget, Economy and Business with the price starting at Є3.00/month, Є5.50/month, Є8.00/month and Є11.00/ month.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – This means webmasters are allowed to get a refund if they cancel the services because of dissatisfaction within the first 30 days.

Satisfactory Uptime – employs state-of-the-art data centers and advanced technologies guaranteeing 99.99% uptime shown by the following chart.

HostForLIFE SQL Server 2016 Hosting Performance SQL Server 2016 web host reliability is absolutely outstanding compared to other comprehensive web hosting companies. is managed by a sophisticated team with lots of Windows server experts. With the correct IIS, website and file system permission configuration, the security of the hosting websites is well isolated. That means, when one website is hacked by improper code, it’s rare opportunity for other websites be affected. SQL Server 2016 Hosting Technical Support

As introduced above, has an experienced team on supporting ASP.NET and SQL Server 2016 web hosting. All of their technical support staffs are kindly, sophisticated and knowledgeable on either Windows platform or SQL Server 2016 databases. provides 24/7 email and ticket system support mainly. Based on our testing, the average of the first response is about 30 minutes, and it could be faster. guarantees to respond each support ticket in 12 hours.

Benefit of using SQL Server 2016 Hosting
  1. Enhanced in-memory performance provides up to 30x faster transactions, more than 100x faster queries than disk-based relational databases and real-time operational analytics
  2. New Always Encrypted technology helps protect your data at rest and in motion, on-premises and in the cloud, with master keys sitting with the application, without application changes
  3. Stretch Database technology keeps more of your customer’s historical data at your fingertips by transparently stretching your warm and cold OLTP data to Microsoft Azure in a secure manner without application changes
  4. Built-in advanced analytics provide the scalability and performance benefits of building and running your advanced analytics algorithms directly in the core SQL Server transactional database
  5. Business insights through rich visualizations on mobile devices with native apps for Windows, iOS and Android
  6. Simplify management of relational and non-relational data by querying both with T-SQL using PolyBase
  7. Faster hybrid backups, high availability and disaster recovery scenarios to back up and restore your on-premises databases to Microsoft Azure and place your SQL Server AlwaysOn secondaries in Azure

Conclusion – is the Best & Cheap SQL Server 2016 Hosting, we recommend it for people ache for a secure, high performance and cheap SQL Server 2016 hosting. In the case you plan to launch a new site or move out from a terrible web host, is a good option. To learn more about, visit


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