Monday 10 November 2014

European Wordpress Hosting Provider with

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BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - As one of most popular windows hosting provider in Europe, HostForLIFE has been providing industry leading in Windows Server hosting packages since 2008. In this review, we will show you how to simple host your Wordpress site with them. Based on our hosting experience with them, it is very easy to host our Wordpress site with them. They have great Control Panel (Plesk panel) which allow one click installation for wordpress. Their server speed is very fast, our sites load perfectly on their shared hosting environment, and no major downtime. This is why we recommend them to host your Wordpress site with them.

Why Choose HostForLIFE to Host Your Wordpress Site?

We are a happy customer that using their windows hosting services. Beside host our ASP.NET site, we can also host Wordpress site with them. We really recommend you to use their hosting services for Wordpress. If you have European based customers, then HostForLIFE is best option.

WordPress is the leading open source content management system on the web, but without a great hosting to support and run it, its performance would decline greatly. HostForLIFE has the fine tuned WordPress hosting servers. Their Windows hosting provides exclusive WordPress optimized environment to ensure all WordPress users can get the quality WordPress web hosting experience. Plus they have the best security designed for WordPress. For example, they set Firewall to block unnecessary ports for enhanced security. Latest security releases will be updated nightly on all their servers. Brute force detection engine is also used to block attempts by hackers. There are many other benefits of HostForLIFE hosting, we will not discuss this issue further in this guide. For further information you may check their wordpress hosting review.

Manage Wordpress Site with HostForLIFE

There are many advantages of HostForLIFE hosting service. We have mentioned their optimized servers for best wordpress hosting in Europe and enhanced security above. As WordPress beginners, please just follow this steps how to install your Wordpress site with them.

Login to your Plesk Panel

As we may know that Plesk is one of the best Control Panel for windows and you can easily install everything via one click installer from Plesk Control Panel. Everything is well organized in Plesk. You can access and manage your websites, domains, DNS, emails, database and much more within Plesk. 

WordPress installer is built into Plesk by HostForLIFE team so you can easily set up WordPress on their servers in just several clicks.

Then you just need to click install and wait until Finish. To manage your files, you can just go to File Manager option on their Plesk Panel.

If you want to backup your database, you can ask their support team to backup it for you or you can use Backup Manager tools on their Control Panel.

Choose the Best Wordpress Hosting Packages

HostForLIFE offers very flexible hosting plans to cater to different customers for their various websites hosting needs. You can start from their Classic Plan to host your Wordpress site. Here is the brief of this hosting package:
  • Price: €3.00/month
  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • Bandwith: Unlimited
  • Websites/Domains: Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts: Unlimited
  • Mailboxes: Unlimited
  • Databases (MySQL/MsSQL): 1

Conclusion – HostForLIFE is Best Option for Wordpress Hosting in Europe

Frankly speaking, HostForLIFE is best option to host your Wordpress site. You just need to spend €3.00/month to host your site with them and you can install the latest Wordpress version via their Control Panel. We would highly recommend them as your Wordpress Hosting.


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