Monday 24 November 2014

Best and Cheap Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium

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BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - Windows Cloud hosting takes away your pain of establishing and managing servers and replaces it along with automatic options and also a suite of convenient resources. They also cause it to be easy to scale the ability at the rear of your application, by splitting the load over many virtual devices and allowing one to produce further situations of your application to become served up in time it will take you to click a button. But, before you decide to choose a Best, Cheap Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium you have to concentrate on a few very important issues.

In fact you have to carry a background verify upon the provider you're concerning to use the services of. You have to notice how long they're business and can also they truly can of assist for the line of business or otherwise. You might get a good plan concerning this coming from the testimonials upon their official web site, researching in the web such as looking at through web hosting directories and discussion forums for a similar.
Best and Cheap Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium

Then you certainly also got to maintain an eye on the type of consumer and technical help they give no matter your geographical area. This type of assistance ideally ought to be of 24/7 as they simply got to ensure maximum uptime of your server. In case there's any issue along with your server, you have to achieve all of these anytime. They got to supply you along with solutions in knowledgeable yet pleasant manner. All of this are features that the cheap dedicated server provider ought to be able supply you in order to obtain the status of a reliable one.

To assist you discover the Best, Cheap Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium company, suitable for the web site, We present you with our list of the Top 3 Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium 2014. Selecting the ideal cloud hosting product is vitally crucial to the good results of the web site.

Top 3 Windows Cloud Hosting in Belgium web hosting company has been able to swiftly growing in the hosting industry because they deal specifically with one type of hosting, Windows Cloud Hosting services in Belgium. They offer various services: Windows 2008 / 2012 Hosting, Silverlight 5 hosting, Web matrix hosting, SQL 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014 Hosting, the latest ASP.NET MVC 5.2 / 6 Hosting and the latest ASP.NET 4.5.2 Hosting. As one of our own site hosted with for testing, the hosting uptime is basically satisfied. We were only gotten into problem 2 times in 2012, which were not caused by ourselves. Their network uptime is guaranteed throughout which means that at no one time will a clients web site be up and running.

More, so they employ the best skilled and trained people in the industry to deal with the clients needs. Windows ASP.NET Cloud Hosting plan is created to cater the demand for cloud service. When it comes to running your websites, your only concern should be your web applications. takes care of everything else - networking, server security, Windows Update patches, server resources like memory and CPU and much more.

Shift To The Cloud is a project started by Stone Internet Services bvba, a well established Belgian Webhost. At the moment they are responsible for a high volume of websites and server hostings in Belgium since 2003. Offering extensive cloud services was the next logic step in the development of their business. Stone started in 2003 by offering affordable webhosting services.

Initially their services were offered from servers in France and the United States. In the summer of 2004 they moved to private cabinets in Amsterdam and Brussels. They platform is self-healing and recovering. So you no longer have a single point of failure for your project. When a physical failure would occur on the server, your cloud reboots on another node – automatically. They offer a huge range of pre-installed operating systems and pre-built templates for different applications.

Combell's cloud is a managed public cloud environment based on VMware technology. They cloud is easily scalable and extremely flexible. All management tasks are performed by specialists via their unique service level agreements (SLA). Thanks to the high availability feature that is included by default, your website or application benefits from maximum availability. Every minute of downtime costs your business money.

At Combell, each cloud server automatically benefits from high availability. This function makes it possible to instantly start your cloud server on another machine in case of failure. With the additional fault tolerance option, where a spare reserve machine is always on standby, the virtual server does not even have to be restarted, which reduces the downtime to zero. So, you have 2 servers at your disposal. Not only did Combell make very numerous calculations beforehand on the maximal charge of the Combell cloud, but this is also actively monitored by our system managers.


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