Wednesday 3 September 2014

Windows Hosting | VS 1and1 :: Which One is Better for Windows & ASP.NET Hosting

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BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - Both Hosting and 1and1 are experienced web hosting companies for Windows & ASP.NET Hosting. In this article, we’d like to compare the 2 web hosts based on real customer feedbacks and our in-depth review concerning about price, features, uptime, speed, and technical support. Thus, our readers can have a clear understanding of the web hosting offered by the 2 companies, and make the right decision on their own.

We have collected hundreds of feedbacks from their verified customers, and have analyzed customer satisfaction level carefully. According to the result, is more preferred than 1and1, especially in respect to features, page loading speed, and support service. After collecting their real customer reviews all over the world, we made an overall comparison as below: VS 1and1 :: Which One is Better for Windows & ASP.NET Hosting

Price Comparison

As compared with many other web hosting solutions available on the web, both and 1and1 offer affordable Windows & ASP.NET hosting service with beneficial discount. If we have to pick the cheaper one, wins little over 1and1. Check the detailed price in the following picture: Hosting Plan Price
1and1 Hosting Plan Price

Both of the 2 web hosts provide the money back guarantee to ensure risk-free and worry-free purchase.

Feature Comparison

Hosting Performance Comparison

As both of the 2 companies claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed averages less than 1 second, we have carried out a performance testing for almost 6 months to test their reliability and speed in the real world. Note that the 2 tested websites are newly-launched ones, coming with the same content and script. According to the result, only has fully kept its promise to achieve an almost 100% uptime.


Without doubt, is the better web hosting provider than 1and1, for it offers a higher price value, better uptime track record, faster hosting speed, and more helpful technical.


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