Tuesday 17 June 2014

Windows Hosting | What's New in DotNetNuke 7 and Who is the Best Cheap Recommended Hosting for DotNetNuke 7?

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What is Best Cheap Recommended DotNetNuke?

BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - DotNetNuke is free software that is installed on an internet hosting account which is used to develop and maintain web applications and websites. A properly configured DotNetNuke website provides companies a way to manage their website with ease and confidence while maintaining the company brand and style.

DotNetNuke provides a consistent user-interface experience across all administrative fields. Wherever users/managers are updating, editing or creating content, the dashboards are similar, recognizable and easy to navigate.

Another great, yet simple feature provided by DotNetNuke is that you are not constantly redirected to new pages as you modify your content. The content editor window pops up in front of the page you are editing (see image below). This allows managers/users to view the live content next to the window that they are making changes in.

Why Choose DotNetNuke to Build Your Site?

There are four main reasons DNN is very attractive to businesses that are seeking a way to manage the company website:


DotNetNuke is very easy to use. Non-technical content contributors can be trained to add and maintain web pages in minutes and make changes to the site with absolutely no IT support. Training is required for content editors and administrative users of the site and instruction on the proper procedures are taught.


A thriving market exists for DotNetNuke modules with more than 8,000 available online at www.snowcovered.com, at highly affordable prices. Free modules are also available on the DotNetNuke Forge and a variety of core apps are included in the standard DotNetNuke installation package.


Your web site can be large or small and can grow as much as needed over time without requiring a migration to a new content management system. The DotNetNuke platform can support an unlimited number of pages per web site and an unlimited number of web sites per DotNetNuke instance.


Since DotNetNuke is open source software, your company will spend zero dollars on internet software to run your website (that’s right it’s free). What is more attractive than an enterprise technology solution at such an affordable price!

Best Cheap Recommended DotNetNuke Hosting Features

DotNetNuke just launch the latest DotNetNuke 7.2.0. And with this new DotNetNuke 7.2.0, there are many new features. We will summarize for you what are missing in the previous versions of DNN:

1. Content module management is not smooth in the DotNetNuke 7.0 as you cannot manage content modules independent of web pages.

2. In DotNetNuke 7.0 and previous versions you are not allowed to change DotNetNuke generated page url

3. Now if you are not a techie, it is a bit difficult for you to modify the page templates.
DotNetNuke 7.0 makes creating and managing content-rich websites, social intranets and online communities easier than ever, with benefits for web content editors, enterprises, web designers and web developers.

Simplified Control Panel

DotNetNuke 7.0 includes a brand new control panel for managing your site. Each menu has been updated to offer a more intuitive experience. We've even made it possible for end users to personalize the menu by creating their own bookmarks within the menu. The Host and Admin menus include areas for common items, advanced items and personal bookmarks. The Modules, Pages and Users menu items provide quick access to common features in those areas.

View mode by default

Navigating page-by-page while in edit mode has never been the most efficient way to navigate a DotNetNuke site. Edit mode increases the overall page payload and browser rendering. In DotNetNuke 7.0, users are now always in View mode.The Edit Page menu gives the user the ability to quickly toggle edit mode along with providing quick access to common page tasks.

Edit mode improvements

DotNetNuke 7.0 has View Mode as the default view for all users. You can also choose to select "Stay in Edit Mode" which switches the default view to edit mode. The default View Mode improves page rendering and response time for general purposes.

Drag and Drop Modules

DotNetNuke 7.0 brings back Drag-n-Drop and it's better than ever You can now drag modules between panes and from the control panel to a pane while in edit mode.

Cross Site Module Sharing

For DotNetNuke installs with multiple sites, there is a fairly common need for the ability share content across different sites. In DNN 7.0 Professional and Enterprise Edition, you now have the ability to share modules across multiple sites within the same DotNetNuke instance. Sharing the HTML module is very simple. Just choose "Add Existing Module" from the Modules menu then select the site that contains the module you would like to share. Next, choose the page where the module exists and you will see a list of shareable modules come sliding across.

Best Cheap Recommended DotNetNuke 7.2 Hosting

There is a difference between a web host that should be able to cope with DNN and one that will provide a superior service. The smartest option is to choose a provider that specializes in ASP.NET hosting and is either dedicated to, or has experience of, hosting DNN-based websites.
We have reviewed many DotNetNuke hosting provider and here is 3 highly recommended DotNetNuke hosting providers:


Established in early 2002, PowerDNN has become one of the leaders in DotNetNuke hosting solutions. Because the company focuses on DotNetNuke hosting alone, it provides a more extensive, specialized solution. PowerDNN offers a complete, optimized service for DotNetNuke users beyond the reach of some generic hosting providers. PowerDNN now employs one new employee per month, which proves its commitment to customer focus and the company’s ongoing, increasing expansion.


AMHosting has been providing hosting solutions since 1997 and uses its considerable experience to supply extremely reliable hosting solutions, DNN hosting being one of these. A well respected name in the hosting solution market, the company prides itself on a fast, reliable service and speedy technical support. The company was formally known as American Internet.


ASPHostPortal has been providing windows hosting solutions since 2008 and their existence in hosting world has been recognized. This company focus in windows hosting and that makes that DNN is very easy to install on their Control Panel system. They have been awarded as the most affordable and powerfull windows hosting services by Microsoft since 2011


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