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Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain

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BestWindowsHostingASP.NET - Welcome to BestWindowsHostingASP.NET! If you already have hosting but your host does not support Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain and you require it, transferring your hosting account to one of our top recommended web hosts is free and easy. is honest and independent reviews of the Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain. 
Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain

The are many people is aware of Microsoft Windows because the well-liked desktop OS found in most homes and offices. What they'll not understand is that there also are server versions of this best selling OS software which will be found serving because the backbone of the many web hosting services. Though once thought-about unreliable as compared to Unix-based solutions, users are coming back to find the best and cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain will be a viable possibility.

ASP.NET 5 is a significant redesign of ASP.NET. Microsoft built it from the ground up to provide an optimized development framework for apps that are either deployed to the cloud or run on-premises. It consists of modular components with minimal overhead, so you retain flexibility while constructing your solutions. ASP.NET 5 introduces a new, lightweight way to manage dependencies in your projects. You no longer add assembly references to your project; instead, you manage dependencies by referencing NuGet packages. You can add NuGet packages through the NuGet Package Manager or you can edit the JSON file (project.json) that lists the NuGet packages and versions used in your project.

Who is the Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain?

To find the winner of the Top 3 Best, Cheap Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting in Spain, we have reviewed the Windows ASP.NET 5 compatibility, reliability, performance, technical support and price of 30+ Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting providers. As a result, has beaten all of the competitors with its cheap but high quality Windows ASP.NET 5 hosting service in Spain.In this article, we have explained why the company wins the competition in several aspects. is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Hosting in European Continent. Their service is ranked the highest top #1 spot in several European countries, such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and many top European countries.

They using industry-standard web environments with the latest stable technologies like Server 2012, Internet Information Services 8, SQL 2012, ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, .NET 4, ASP.NET 4.5 and the latest ASP.NET 5. Using powerful Dell servers that are beefy enough to service the requirements of their customers starts from € 1.29/ month! Their servers use 64 bit software, are dual quad-core, have at least 16 GB RAM, and have RAID 10 disk arrays.

Unlike other hosts, they do not force you to register for their long term contract. You can choose between their 4 hosting cycles, i.e. Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly and Two/Three-Yearly Cycle. HostForLIFE want you to can get your web presence up and running without a huge upfront investment.


Arsys is a European provider of ICT services, including Internet presence, Managed Hosting, Cloud Computing Solutions and ICT Infrastructure. arsys is among the leading European companies in technology and innovation. Servers with Intel and HP technology hosted in their own Data Centres, with every guarantee of security and quality, all the configuration and administration options and the best technical maintenance.

arsys has a broad portfolio of Internet presence solutions that allow you to have your own website and email, distinguished by their ease of use and technical features. They are complete, easy-to-use, fully scalable solutions, with a 30-day warranty. You can start their Windows Hosting plan start from € 4.90 / month with 1 free Domain, 10x3 GB, Unlimited email transfer, 200MB Web Space, 2GB Web Data Transfer, etc..

Their hosting plans include free services and applications that will help you make the most out of your website and make tasks easier, such as programming, uploading, positioning and modifying it, etc.


Verkia is a technology company founded in 2003 with human and economic capital 100% Spanish. They base their work on two main pillars of knowledge. The technological, Verkia control their own server infrastructure, virtualization, and network management systems. Logical, developing and managing software for Web, desktop applications .Net, Android Apps, and even video games. Their headquarters are located in Elda, Spain. Their datacenter is located in Alicante, Spain, ensures excellent security features and an excellent multi-operator internet connection.

The power supply infrastructure Verkia guarantee power equipment. Verkia has 80 Kva UPS with static configuration baypass to ensure electrical continuity even in case of total failure of the UPS. Verkia Data Center has a series of measures already implemented to ensure the security of all its dependencies within and around the perimeter.

You can start their Windows ASP.NET Hosting start from € 7.90 / month with 2 GB Web Size, 50 Mailboxes, 50 GB/month data transfer and Unlimited Database. In verkia innovate in the latest technologies to make available products and art services that meet their needs. You can request a refund of your payment within 30 days without further explanation. Verkia primary goal is your satisfaction.


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